Tabler TV

Business Conference

TablerTV Multi Touch Monitor is the ideal product for high-end business conference. Paired with AirScreen, it enables a Multi-Touch presentation with easy access to the related pictures, MS documents and multi-media content, and the best part is that the speaker can control his/her presentation by multi-touch while the meeting participants can get real-time synchronization the with presentation content.

Recommended Touch Screen:

Tabler-TV Multi-Touch Screen Monitor Business Conference

Medical and Healthcare

A huge 4K Multi Touch Display in hospitals or healthcare center can facilitate a whole new interactive experience to both doctors and patients. Doctors can now visualize their expertise and medical data on a giant touch screen creating a unique interactive experience to the visitors. Patients can easily zoom in & zoom out their medical images to find every details while communicating with the doctor.

Recommended Touchscreen:

Tabler-TV Multi-Touch Screen Monitor Business Conference


TablerTV Multi-Touch display used in school, training class or company's internal training which provides real-time support of abundant multi-media file formats (videos, voice band , cartoon and text, etc.), and it allows interaction with various touch gestures that makes education entertaining.

Recommended Touchscreens:

Tabler-TV Multi-Touch Screen Used in Education

Sale Presentation

TablerTV MultiTouch screen can promote sales to a potential degree by providing information like interactive 3D product, products line and location of chain stores, etc. For example, it’s a cutting-edge tool for real-estate salesman who could display the overall and detail house information to their potential customers.

Recommended Touchscreens:

Tabler-TV Multi-Touch Screen for Sale Assistance

Digital Signage

TablerTV Multi Touch Monitors are ideal to provide interactive information in tourist attractions, retail stores, airports, etc., with the large multi-touch screen, it can be used as a wayfinder or venue information provider.

Recommended Touch Screens:

Tabler-TV Multi-Touch Screen Digital Signage
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