AirScreen MT

A New Way for Business Collaboration

Paired with iStick A200, AirScreen technology delivers your presentation to the large screen over the air. With Multi-Touch interaction completely wireless, your presentation will be more effective and entertaining.

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Swipe and Flip, Air your Screen in a snap

With the AirScreen, exchanging conference material and information becomes astonishingly fast and convenient. Gone are the days when lumbersome paper leaflets and materials and upsetting cables and wires were indispensable part of a meeting. With AirScreen, a mere touch and swipe will do.

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Wireless Multi-Touch

AirScreen naturally supports PQ Labs Multi-Touch products. You can have a true Multi-Touching conference which involves everyone in the meeting room with TablerTV paired with AirScreen.

One Touch Switching up to 32 Users

The host display can synchronize to either user’s image content with a single touch or click, and reflects every move to the rest participants of the meeting, so it’s absolutely touch interactive and engaging.

Wireless Display with 1080P Fidelity

AirScreen manages to deliver realtime
1080p HD Video, which ensures its images on an ultra-large display still to be exquisite and vivid, It can be conveniently run in a totally wireless environment, which makes the meeting environment orderly and tidy.

Access Your Private Cloud
Anywhere in the World

AirScreen technology instantly makes your desktop computer into your private cloud, and you can use its computing power anywhere you go. You’ll never need to carry your 2kg laptop for presentation on customer’s site, all you need is a finger-sized iStick Mini Computer in your pocket equipped with AirScreen Technology.